Indo-Global Skills Summit & Expo 2017

Indo- Global Skills Summit & Expo 2017


INDO-GLOBAL SKILLS SUMMIT & EXPO 2017 on skills, startups and entrepreneurship will be held at Mumbai (July 17), Hyderabad (July 19), Chennai (July 22), Bangalore (July 24), Kolkata (July 26), and New Delhi (July 28).

It is well known that skill and knowledge are the fulcrums to a nation’s development and economic augmentation. In today’s global scenario, countries boasting of higher and better levels of skills are understood to adjust more efficiently to the opportunities and challenges in the work field and thus deliver results.
In India, the working age population is far in excess of that is dependent on them. A positive marker of the development of the economy of the country, this demographic situation can be a potential source of significant economic strength. But this is possible provided the skills of the population are enhanced and continuously upgraded.
Finding and keeping workers with the knowledge and skills to get the job done is critical in today’s workplace. Today’s knowledge-based economy is increasing the demands on workers skill levels. A skilled workforce is often the key to a company’s growth and stability, and it could be the determining factor in the success of the business.
Business and industry in India is facing shortage of skilled people. This shortage directly affects their productivity and growth. The primary challenge faced by business and industry in India is a shortage of 76% of technical and skilled manpower. As per estimates, only 4% of population of India is skilled compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, 58% in the USA, 80% in Japan and an enviable 96% in South Korea.

Indo- Global Skills Summit & Expo 2017 -At A Glance

It has been estimated that 75% of fresh graduates from the education system of India are not readily employable. There is thus a huge opportunity and a challenge in building the required infrastructure for overcoming the shortage of skilled manpower.
The Indo-Global Skills Summit & Expo 2017 aims to take a deeper look at the present skill ecosystem, map it against the future trends, identify future jobs & skill requirements and propose a way to re-engineer the skill ecosystem. The Summit & Expo will examine collaboration between universities and industries for skills development; the generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer); and the promotion of entrepreneurship (start-ups and spin-offs).
Startups have become a clear focus not only from the Government “StartUp India” but with every major university now building an innovation lab and a startup cell including courses on Startups and Entrepreneurship. Startups have become important and interesting career options for students with a focus on “Job Creators vs Job Seekers”. Frugal innovation is also in this mix for building the Startups and Entrepreneurship in India.
An important feature of the Summit & Expo 2017 would be presentation of Awards for excellence to honor and recognize individuals, institutions and organizations in private sector, public sector, NGOs, Government departments, skill developers, etc who have demonstrated their commitment to the advancement of skills, startups and entrepreneurship.
Simultaneously, the Indo-Global Education Summit & Expo 2017 on collaborations with foreign universities and student recruitment will be held at the same venues in the above cities. Both of the events are expected to have mutually reinforcing and synergistic effect, as they are both targeted at students and youth.

Some Highlights of the Expo:

* Most comprehensive Skills Summit & Expo ever held in India
* Biggest networking event for leaders in education, business and industry
* Convergence of who is who of the business, industry and NGO sectors
* Major sessions on academic collaborations with foreign institutions
* Important sessions on skill development and academe-industry collaboration
* Exploration of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurship
* Attendance of several thousand Indian students interested in skills & careers
* Skills Expo for placements of students in suitable skills & careers
* Awards for excellence to individuals, institutions, business, industry and NGOs
* Extensive media (print & electronic) coverage for the Summit & Expo


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